About SEO Marketing Backlinks

Hi and welcome to SEO Marketing Backlinks! My name is Raluca Amariei, an Economist graduate and working in SEO for 4 years.

SEO Marketing Backlinks is created to provide affordable, fast, & effective SEO with great service. I’m committed to long term relationships and offering good value for the money you spend.

Because I work alone and I’m doing everything manually delivery time is a little longer, I apologize for this, and for  first 5 clients I’ll work for free, this way I want to start my blog and people to trust me, I’m a hard worker and I’ll do my best to make my clients happy.

If my prices are too high we can always negotiate about this, my intention is to provide affordable SEO and great quality.

See my writing style here: http://vitalitysource.blogspot.com/http://factoidz.com/profile/Raly1783/ ,    http://www.triond.com/users/Raly1783

Please be free to contact me!

Thank you and ORDER now!!!

Note: Money will be send through PayPal, I can’t figure out how to insert Paypal button yet but I hope everyone has an account there 🙂

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